About The Happy Place!

Hello friends!

Welcome to The Happy Place!

As the name suggests, this is a place for happiness. Here you can find photos that will make you smile, laugh, or cry happy tears. You will read news stories that make you feel good instead of the endless depressing news that we seem to be surrounded by every day. You’ll hear stories of regular people having a great day and sharing it with the world. This is a place to smile, and it is also a place to feel valid. From time to time, The Happy Place will post self-care techniques, ways to enjoy life a little more, and just generally some things that might help you to live a happier life. By ‘you’, we mean every single reader that might find themselves here. Regardless of sex, gender, race, ability, sexuality, romantic inclinations, age, or any other personal factors, you are welcome here. Anyone behaving negatively towards another member will be banned quickly and without mercy!

If you run across anything somewhere else in the world that makes you happy, or if you have a great day and feel like telling the world about it, feel free to submit it using the ‘submit’ page, and maybe your submission will be featured on The Happy Place! One of the best ways to feel happy is to bring happiness to others.

Here’s a happy puppy to get you started!


Happy browsing! 🙂